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2020: First test units were delivered for low-loss filling control of a gas expander machine.

The electrohydraulic actuators are capable to move gas exchange valves of 100 mm diameter within

10 milliseconds.


Low-loss filling control of gas compressors and expanders is the core requirement for various innovative high efficient waste heat recovery machines.



. . .  was founded in 2020 with the main focus on the transformation of the Empa variable valve train “Flexwork” on its way to industrialization.


Flexwork is an electro-hydraulic principle for  the fully flexible actuation of gas exchange valves on piston engines of multiple kinds.

« eta » (greek letter « η ») stands for both: highly efficient hydraulic actuation and improving engine efficiency.

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Our general offer

. . .  is customer support in challenging hydraulic tasks.
From analysis with modern simulation tools to prototyping.


For Valves of all kinds (on/off, proportional).


For pumps
For fluids of all kinds (gas, water, oil, fuels, cooling liquids, concrete)




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Fully Variable, Simple and Efficient Electrohydraulic Valve Train for Reciprocating Engines